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Over the River and Through the Woods


bulletWritten By:  Joe DiPietro
bulletDirected by:   Julie Zatko
bulletProduced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

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Run of Show

"Over the River and Through the Woods" will run May 2-17, 2003, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00pm, second Sunday at 2:00pm
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This hilarious inter-generational comedy centers around Nick, a single Italian-American marketing executive on the fast career track. His parents have long since retired and moved FAR away from the grandparents and, in fact, Nick sees both sets every Sunday for dinner. This has become a comfortable and joyous routine until Nick is offered a dream promotion which will necessitate his relocation to Seattle. This news throws the older generation into a tizzy. The emotionally fraught reactions of the grandparents evolve into a number of hilariously misguided schemes to keep Nick from leaving, including a bit of last-minute matchmaking - which very nearly succeeds!

"A hilarious family comedy that is even funnier than his long running musical revue I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change." -BackStage.

"Loaded with laughs every step of the way." -Star-Ledger.

The People ...

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Nick Jason Dennison
Frank Steve Horowitz
Aida Sybil Small
Nunzio Stephan Gabalac
Emma Pat Rudes
Catlin Rachel Wengrow

Production Staff


Julie Zatko


Tom Davis & Sue Dennis

Set Design

Jamey Livingston

Stage Manager

Libby Lane & Barb Leopold

Book Holder

Jean Davis & Jan Lewis

Set Dressing

Ryan Mahffey

Lighting Designer

Deanne Miller



Costume Design

Kate Argow & Paige Price
Property Masters  
Set Construction  
Sound Design Don Weber
Program Art & Cover Design  
House Manager  
Box Office  
     Assisted By  
Program Printing  
Marquee Signs  

Cast Photography

Special Thanks  

The Show!



bulletAct I
bulletScene 1:    
bulletScene 2:    
bulletScene 3:    
bulletScene 4:    
bulletScene 5:    
bulletAct II
bulletScene 1:    
bulletScene 2:    
bulletScene 3:    
bulletScene 4:    
bulletScene 5:    

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