The Village Players Theatre 

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Fool For Love


bulletBook By:    Sam Shepard
bulletDirected by:    Rob Turley
bulletProduced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

The People ...

Leading Roles
in order of appearance

Singer/Guitarist A Friend
May Suzanne McGraw
Eddie Jayson Huysman
Martin Rick Woods
The Old Man Allan Campo

Production Staff


Rob Turley


Deborah Miller

Stage Managers

Carol Kwiatkowski, Tom Pellitieri

Set Design

Rob Turley, Chris Kasner, Scott Grundy

Set Dressing

Deborah Miller, Renee Simpson, Rob Turley

Light Design

Scott Grundy

Sound Design

Don Weber

Property Manager

Renee Simpson

Set Construction

Scott Grundy, Dave Simpson, Rob Turley, Pete Grundy, Renee Simpson, Deborah Miller

Light Crew

Dave Simpson, Bernard Spiegel, Laura Zierolf

Sound Crew

Mark Malley, Derek Nolte, Shannon McCormick, Megan McCormick, Sandy Mack

Property Crew

Renee Simpson, Karen Wolf, Deborah Miller


Chris & Peggy Kasner, Patti Skaff

House Manager

Ann Veasey

Box Office

Ann Veasey, Kimberly Bruggemann, Mary Close, Patti Skaff, Joe & Carol Kwiatkowski, Roger Whitmore

House Staff 

Jane Bihn, Steve Dukes, Larry Charchol, Barbara Britsch, Richard & Lillian Duchett, Harold Mominee, Sue Holliger, Grace Westrick, Marie Adkins, Charlotte Smith, Sue Dennis, Bridgette Woodall, Nancy De La Garza, Carolyn Burns, Mary Ann Coscarelli, Jill Brayshaw, Bob & Ruth Wood, Harry Schulman, Linda Woodall, Robert & Judy Rank, Vickie Anderson Helen Kilcourse, Alice Applebaum, Rita Konecki, Rose Gottlieb, Milina & Les Beland, Bob & Florence Warnke, Joe Kibler, Herb & Phyliis Carrick

Marquee Signs

Willard Misfeldt

Cast Photography

Timeless Images

The Show!

Place:   A motel room on the edge of the Mojave Desert

Time:    The Present

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